Support US

There are many ways to support weavers in Varanasi. Here are some options

Adopt a Village

If you are in the textile industry or any related field, you can sponsor a village to create beautiful textiles for your line, while supporting the livelihood of weavers. By adopting a village, you become an integral part of the community, aiding responsible development efforts like building infrastructure and sustained livelihood opportunities. To learn more, email



Purchase a Product

Perhaps one of the best ways to support the project is to purchase items from our rich collection of textiles, available in single and bulk orders. View our complete range of products here or email us on




Hire Weavers to fill your order

If you have a special production request, we can arrange for a group of weavers to fill your order and even create your own designs. Please email us with details of your needs and we will help connect you to the appropriate community. Write to us on




Join the project

If you are inspired to work for the project, let us know about yourself so the project team can guide you on how to best contribute. Email us here